Advantages of the Bidrento platform

Bidrento - The most convenient and fastest way to find rental apartment without agents!

Bidrento is the first rental property platform in Estonia which is made for direct-owners. It is created to help tenants to find the most suitable rental property in the fastest and most convenient way.  A wide selection of rentals directly from the owners,  automated tenant search and online rental price negotiation make renting convenient for tenants and landlords.

Why Bidrento?

  • Rental listings directly from the owners
  • Automated tenant search
  • Online rental price negotiation 
  • Tenants background check

Mis on Bidrento?

Key Benefits for the Landlord


Real estate portals

Social media groups

Auction-type listing

Rental income maximising

Tenants database - suitable tenant based on the listing details      
Tenants background check       
Free tenants default payments history check

Tenants rental price offers and background information in one place

Pre-filled rental agreement with one click 

Free answers to major juridical questions related to renting. 

Listing with a fixed rental price       
Automated tenant search      

Key Benefits for the tenant


Real estate portals

Social media groups

Chance to be preferred tenant based on your background information 

Tenants can see offers made by other tenants or the number of interested tenants

Transparent rental arrangement 

Automated rental search      
Free answers to major juridical questions related to renting

Rentals directly from the owners 

Possibility to see rental object before agreement signing      


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Bidrento helps you find a suitable tenant or rental property in the most fast and convenient way!